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June 2022
VI Young Americas Forum
June 8 - 9
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IX Summit of the Americas
June 6 - 10
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April 2022
Youth consultation process
Throughout April
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Earth Day
April 22
Announcement of Eco-Challenge Finalists 2022
April 18
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Pan American Day
April 14
End of the Semifinal Evaluations of the Eco-Challenge 2022
April 13
YABT Podcast Launch: "Cerrando la Brecha"
April 12
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March 2022
World Water Day
March 23
Virtual Conversation "Road to the Summit: A green and equitable future for the Americas"
March 18
Organized by the Atlantic Council through the Adrienne Arsht Center for Latin America and in collaboration with the United States Department of State
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Start of the Semi-Final Evaluations of the Eco-Challenge 2022
March 16
International Women's Day 2022
March 8
February 2022
Closing of registrations - Eco-Challenge 2022
February 28
Special Presentation of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) to Universities of Queretaro, Mexico.
February 23
Official Announcement of the VI Young Americas Forum
February 15
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Presentation to the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG), meeting prior to the IX Summit of the Americas
February 03
January 2022
Responding to the next disaster: Building health and climate resilience in the Americas
Selected young people from the "Opportunities to make your voice heard" campaign participated live in the second round table of the Atlantic Council on the way to the IX Summit of the Americas
January 27
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BOOTCamp: Modelo de negocios canvas: El inicio de la innovación (Español)
January 27
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BOOTCamp: Business Plan: Take your Startup to success
January 26
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BOOTCamp: Plano de Negócios: Leve sua Startup ao sucesso (Em português)
January 25
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The strengths, weaknesses and economic opportunities of young people in the face of COVID-19
Youth dialogue towards the VI Young Americas Forum, organized by "Juventud, Política y Democracia" network.
January 21
BOOTCamp: Business Model Canvas - Guia rápido de uso e criação (Em português)
January 20
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BOOTCamp: Plan de Negocios: lleva tu Startup al éxito (Español)
January 20
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December 2021
YABT Policy Lab - Meaningful youth participation
Date: December 9, 2021
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Eco-Challenge 2022 presentation to the CIEN HUB network
Date: December 1, 2021
November 2021
Road to the Summit: New opportunities for a more inclusive Americas
Youth participate during the first round table of the Atlantic Council on the way to the IX Summit of the Americas
Date: November 30, 2021
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Virtual Conference "Technology-Based Entrepreneurship for a New Colombian Business Scenario"
Organized by: FELACBEJA
Date: November 26, 2021
First Financial Education Week 2021
Organized by: Alfi and BBVA Foundation Peru
Date: November 22-26, 2021
"Entrepreneurship and Youth" Online Conference | Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador
Date: November 22, 2021
Women's Entrepreneurship Day
Date: November 19, 2021
BOOTCamp: Economía circular: La tendencia del emprendimiento (Español)
Date: November 17, 2021
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BOOTCamp: Economia circular: a tendência do empreendedorismo (Em português)
Date: November 16, 2021
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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021
Date: November 8-14, 2021
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Youth Entrepreneurship: TIC Americas | Centros Juveniles Salesianos de El Salvador
Date: November 12, 2021
BOOTCamp: Negocios sostenibles: El futuro del emprendimiento (Español)
Date: November 11, 2021
Conference on youth leadership and entrepreneurship: Teachers that inspire Program 2021 (IDEP Bogotá)
Date: November 11, 2021
Hemispheric Launch of the Youth Consultation Process towards the VI Young Americas Forum
Date: November 9, 2021
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Participation of Youth of the Americas in the 51 OAS General Assembly
Date: November 9, 2021
Presentation of youth contributions and proposals in the Dialogue of Heads of Delegation, the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary General and Representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Workers, the Private Sector and Other Social Actors.
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AcelerAP Summit – Pacific Alliance | USIL Ventures
Date: November 9-10, 2021
Youth Entrepreneurship: Catalyzing Transformative Change Panel | Generation Democracy (IRI)
Date: November 1, 2021
October 2021
Economy Week - Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Date: October 27, 2021
YABT presentation to OAS National Offices
Date: October 21, 2021
Webinar "Dreams and fears of the Youth in Latin America" | JA Americas
Date: October 13, 2021
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Social and Corporate Sustainability for Economic Development Panel
Conducted during the Startup World Cup LATAM Champions
Date: October 13, 2021
International Launch of the Eco-Challenge 2022: Sustainability and Plastic Awards
Date: October 13, 2021
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September 2021
Policy Lab - Young Women Entrepreneurs and COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean
Date: September 23, 2021
In collaboration with the Gender Innovation Lab for Latin America and the Caribbean of the World Bank, and the Summits of the Americas Secretariat of the Organization of American States
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Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference | Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
Date: September 16, 2021
August 2021
International Youth Day
Date: August 12, 2021
VI Young Americas Forum - Campaign Launch
Date: August 12, 2021
June 2021
TIC Americas 2021 Finals Week: Youth Dialogue, Awards and Closing Ceremony
Date: June 24, 2021
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TIC Americas 2021 Finals Week: Youth as Partners for Prosperity: Entrepreneurship for Action
Date: June 24, 2021
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TIC Americas 2021 Finals Week: InnovAction: Innovation in Action responding to COVID-19
Date: June 23, 2021
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TIC Americas 2021 Finals Week: Climate Change and the Circular Plastics Economy
Date: June 22, 2021
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TIC Americas 2021 Finals: Evaluation Week
Date: June 11-18, 2021
#MeetTheFinalists: InnovAction Challenge - Industry Reactivation
Date: June 10, 2021
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Pitch del elevador eficaz (Em português)
Date: 9 de Junio, 2021
Exclusivo para Finalistas de TIC Americas
Effective elevator pitch
Date: June 9, 2021
Exclusively for TIC Americas Finalists
World ocean day
Date: June 8, 2021
#MeetTheFinalists: InnovAction Challenge - Citizen Youth Participation
Date: June 8, 2021
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World Environment Day
Date: June 5, 2021
Financial tips to improve your TIC Americas materials
Date: June 3, 2021
Exclusively for TIC Americas Finalists
Dicas financeiras para melhorar os seus materiais entregáveis da TIC Americas (Em português)
Date: June 3, 2021
Exclusively for TIC Americas Finalists
#MeetTheFinalists: InnovAction Challenge - Gender Equity
Date: June 3, 2021
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#MeetTheFinalists: InnovAction Challenge - Social Inequality
Date: June 1st, 2021
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YABT 21st Anniversary
Date: June 1st, 2021