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Business Plan: Take your Startup to success.

Speaker: Stephany Contreras, International Relations, Communications & Business Development expert

26 de January, 11:00 AM*

Plano de Negócios: Leve sua Startup ao sucesso.

Speaker: Ana Paula Rodrigues Bohn, Palestrante do Programa de TV Movimento Empresarial

25 de January, 1:00 PM*

Business CANVAS - Guia rápido de uso e criação.

Speaker: Cleberson Vieira, Think Global Bootcamp

20 de January, 1:00 PM*

Maximize your impact with a successful Visual Portfolio

Speaker: Marcelo Almeida, Founder of Pocket Creative Lab

18 de February, 2:00 PM*

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Digital transformation: How to get your business online

Speaker: Eduardo Alva, Expert in digital transformation

28 de January, 11:00 AM*

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Innovative Value Proposition: The key to your Startup's succes

Speaker: Alejandro Carbonell, Ciudad del Saber

24 de November, 2:00 PM*

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Sources of Finance for entrepreneurs

Speaker: Federico Arellano ,

1 de December, 1:00 PM*

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Easy finances for your Startup

Speaker: Romina Ferreira, International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group

4 de December, 10:00 AM*

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* All virtual trainings are shown in Washington D.C. time (GMT-4)

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