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Virtual Consultation with Canadian youth on Canada’s participation in the VIII Summit of the Americas

Global Affairs Canada is partnering with the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) to consult youth from across Canada on their views, positions and ideas regarding Canada’s participation at the upcoming 8th Summit of the Americas that will take place in Lima, Peru, on April 13 to 14, 2018. The results of this virtual consultation will inform Canada’s engagement in the Summit of the Americas process.

The central theme of the VIII Summit of the Americas, as proposed by the host country, is "Democratic Governance against Corruption". This virtual consultation focuses on the three sub-topics covered in official concept papers prepared by Peru. We encourage you to read them prior to completing the survey.

Concept paper "Democratic Governance against Corruption" VIII Summit of the Americas.

Theme 1: Democratic Governance and Corruption

Theme 2: Corruption and Sustainable Development

Theme 3: Aspects of Cooperation, Institutional Frameworks, and Public-Private Partnerships

About YABT

The YABT is a nonprofit entity affiliated to the Organization of American States (OAS) that promotes the social and economic development of young people in the Western Hemisphere and worldwide by implementing initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life of youth and young adults, especially those living in poverty. Working in cooperation with the OAS, the YABT contributes to advance the mandates from the Summit of the Americas and the OAS General Assemblies, through youth entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and knowledge. The YABT is also committed to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more information about YABT, please visit: www.yabt.net

About the Summit of the Americas

For more information about the Summit of the Americas Process, please visit: www.summit-americas.org