2012 - "Youth: Partners for Prosperity"

The III Young Americas Forum was held on 10, 11 and 12 April 2012 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Due to the commitment developed in the Forums in Argentina and then in Trinidad and Tobago, young people were constituted as an Official Actor in the Summit of the Americas. The Forum was established as a space for young people to had an official channel to formally present its recommendations to the governments gathered at the VI Summit of the Americas.

In order to deepen the work in the Young Americas Forums, the Young American Business Trust developed different tools to assist the process of youth participation. One of these was the "Virtual Quiz for Young Americas Forum," which served as a space for open consultation in preparation for the VI Summit of the Americas in order to compile the suggestions in the Declaration of Youth in Cartagena.

For its part, OAS Summits of the Americas Secretariat facilitated dialogues where Social Actors presented their projects and concrete actions related with topics of the VI Summit of the Americas, besides National and Regional Dialogues were developed. More than 50 dialogues were led by young people from different member countries of the Organization of American States, in a process that gathered more than 3,000 participants.

Thereby, in Cartagena participated young people who had been an active part of the Consultations, National Dialogues, Regional Dialogues and other processes involved to the Forum. These young people from different countries of the region came to Colombia with a clear purpose: Discuss solutions to the needs that their countries were experiencing and generate a consensus among them to implement concrete actions to follow up on the VI Summit of the Americas.

This set of channels and activities compiled their contributions, ideas and recommendations; which were reflected in the Declaration of Commitment of the Americas Youth "Young people: Partners for Prosperity" ratified in Cartagena.

Young people gathered in Cartagena agreed that their presentation in the dialogue with governments would have three chapters. The first two are policy recommendations to the Member States, -Chapter I. General Recommendation and Chapter II. Specific recommendations for each topic.- As an additional and innovative element,  from the debate arose the decision to, addition to claiming action to the States, take Commitments to Action by the young people gathered during this Summit(Chapter III).

These commitments were: "Build a Network of Young people in the Americas and enhance the work of existing networks and youth organizations, in a locally, national and regional level. Create a Youth Observatory for Monitoring and Control of the proposals and resolutions of this Summit, through which young people of the Americas, their networks and their organizations be suppliers of the tasks of governments and propose contributions and improvements. Organize young people and participate in the process towards the VII Summit of the Americas and carry out the IV Young Americas Forum. Continue with the initiatives and projects we have underway, encouraging them and creating added value through joint work in a network. "

After the VI Summit young people are working with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to implement the commitments emanated in Cartagena. The IV Young Americas Forum will be held in 2015 in the framework of the VII Summit of the Americas, with Panama as headquarters Panama.

The road to Panama 2015 already started for young people, Social Actors and partners for prosperity in the Americas, who permanently work for the execution of the commitments of the Summits of the Americas.

Download the Youth Declaration of Cartagena 2012 Here

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