2015 - Hemispheric forums projecting the IV Young Americas Forum in Panama 2015

The IV Young Americas Forum has been officially established by YABT, with the support of the Summits of the Americas of the OAS and the National Government of Panama as host country of the Seventh Summit of the Americas. Young people of the Americas are invited to join at the Forum process and be part of the solutions to the most pressing problems that the continent is facing.

Open to young people from the Member States of the OAS, the IV Young Americas Forum  will be the channel through it will contribute to the process of the VII Summit of the Americas. This time the subject to be treated is "Prosperity with equity. The challenge of cooperation in the Americas. "And subthemes include: security, migration, education, health, civil society, among others. These will be addressed through national dialogues, the virtual and the extended consultations to generate the inputs to the "Declaration of Commitment of the Young people in the Americas”.

National dialogues are constituted as fundamental spaces for discussion and to propose action plans and strategies in our countries. The exchange of virtual consultations facilitates the inclusive participation and the links with other consultation forums are generating a participation solid platform for contributions and recommendations of young people on the theme of the VII Summit.

Following the VI Summit of the Americas developed in 2012 in Cartagena and towards Panama 2015 have been developed 3 hemispheric dialogues. The first took place in Bolivia in June 2012. Young Bolivians gathered in Cochabamba for the Finals of the National Talent and Innovation Competition - Bolivia as Inaugural program of XLII General Assembly of the OAS.

Later in Guatemala in June 2013, were developed a hemispheric dialogue was organized in rounds of presentations by representatives of youth, civil society, workers, and the private sector, followed by comments from Member States were developed. The following was established in Paraguay in June 2014, before the General Assembly of the OAS, its central theme was "Development with Social Inclusion"

The results of the three dialogues were exposed immediately and directly by young people within the framework of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). Additionally, there have been other on-site and virtual consultations, in the event as the Youth Conference of the OAS, held in Washington, DC, USA.

The Young Americas Forum is the formal process that youth has to actively participate in the Summit of the Americas, which serves as a platform to express their recommendations, suggestions and actions to the public officials and those responsible for regional policy, helping them to define priorities and mandates of our countries.

The Forum is a great opportunity to contribute to the building of democracy and the progress in our region. On this platform, young people have the opportunity to analyze and discuss the challenges in order to propose viable and sustainable solutions and new perspectives that contribute to the process of the VII Summit of the Americas.

IV Young Americas Forum memories

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