The Young Americas Forum

Since 2005, the Young Americas Forum is the official platform for the participation of young people in the Summits of the Americas processes; providing a permament, open and inclusive channel for youth to proactively contribute in the definition of priorities and mandates in the region.

At each Forum, young people prepare, discuss and adopt a Youth Declaration of Commitment related to the themes of the Summit; while making concrete recommendations to governments, they also set an hemispheric agenda for follow-up to agreements reached at the Forum.

In parallel, through the the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas, participants present innovative solutionsto the region's most pressing issues; through this process young people not only share opinions to their Goverments, but also take on action in responding to hemispheric challenges and to the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.

About the Forum (PDF)


YABT and CUN announce partnership to support innovation in Colombia

"Strengthening the academic systems to promote innovation" is the purpose pursued by the international alliance between the CUN and YABT / OAS

Young Salvadorans deliver Action Plan of the Young Americas Forum

The Mayor's Office of San Salvador reiterates its commitment to the young people of the capital and will promote its development through an important inter-institutional alliance.

Paraguay hosts the next Innovation Lab

Innovation has become one of the pillars to promote the sustainable economic development of Paraguay


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